About Chispa Texas

Building the power of Latine/Tejano communities of color to achieve climate justice.
Who We Are

About Us

Chispa Texas (Spanish for spark) is a program of the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) with the single aim to better and create healthier environments in Latinx communities and communities of people of color. South Texas has one of the most expansive histories of racist environmental policies that have allowed for the expansion of oil and gas corporations into communities of color, ultimately comprising their health.

Our focus lies in building Latinx power in Texas to combat the climate crisis-including fighting for our communities’ health and holding lawmakers and polluters accountable. So often, Tejano communities are disproportionately impacted by poor environmental policies. We are fighting to build a space that allows for the people’s right to clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a healthy environment they can be proud of. For us, this is more than simply putting solutions on the table.

Chispa Texas wields the power of the people and the strength in our voice to rally and engage grassroots communities, drive awareness and inclusiveness, and boost the local communities’ participation in governance and democracy. Our hope is that we will continue to shape critical environmental policies and decisions that directly affect our people, our environments and ultimately, our future. We are tackling institutions like the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and fighting for legislators to control predatory corporate polluters to make our voices heard.

About Us

Our Mission

Chispa Texas is brought together by the foundation of unity. We count on the people of South Texas to help us become the most powerful force for change in combating climate and environmental challenges in Latinx and low-income people of color communities. We’re here because we believe in the power of community as a game-changer, not only to advance clean energy initiatives but to also address major environmental and social injustices.

Chispa Texas is counting on Tejanos for individual support and the strength of communities who have been a target of environmental injustice for decades. Help us; 

Advance our people-oriented and issue-based campaigns

Secure local wins on issues that matter in our communities

Achieve success that resonates on a statewide level

Our Values

Community-Led & Community Centered

We believe in the collective power and leadership of our community and are committed to investing in their development. We are accountable to our community and will center community led solutions.


We lead our work through an environmental justice lens that includes racial, social and economic justice. We believe in centering Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and communities of color who are most harmed by racism and xenophobia.

Transformational Approach

We believe our community deserves to live with dignity. We need transformational, systemic change to create a world that is equitable, inclusive and just.

Health Equity

We believe our community deserves to live in a clean environment with equitable and affordable access to a safe environment for our niños.