Water Is Sacred

We believe that el agua es sagrada (water is sacred) and should be heavily guarded against the culprits of the climate crisis.

As the primary water provider to the Costal Bend for over 130 years, the City of Corpus Christi has treated our drinking water like any other commodity instead of the sacred resource that it is.

They sold a large part of our water supply to corporate polluters. Now we face a looming water crisis, and their only solution is desalinating, or de-salting, our seawater.

Through a city ordinance, they’re also allowing corporate polluters to exacerbate drought.  Did you know? A city ordinance adopted by Corpus Christi City Council in 2018 allows industrial water users to voluntarily pay $0.25 per 1,000 gallons of water used during drought.

Instead of challenging the status quo that is causing climate catastrophes around  the world, city officials continue to lure and subsidize massively toxic projects that sink us further into a fossil fuel economy and entangle us in experimental alternatives to wind and solar energy.

If we end the drought exemption and stop desalination polluters will be left with no immediate access to our water. They cannot come if there’s no water.